Timeline of Events that Defined the Year in Asia

The rising economic and geopolitical importance of the Indo-Pacific region has not been lost on Canada or Canadians, with government, corporate, and other domestic agencies and organizations prioritizing deeper engagement with the region, particularly the dynamic economies of Southeast Asia.

In 2023, Canadians witnessed a significant shift in the country’s foreign policy focus toward Asia. That shift was set in motion with the release of the federal government’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) in late 2022.

The IPS – characterized as a whole-of-society, comprehensive approach to the Indo-Pacific – has not only mobilized the resources to help boost Canada’s engagement with this vitally important region but also reflects the fact that what happens there – economically, politically, technologically, militarily, and environmentally – increasingly affects us here in Canada.

Throughout the year, APF Canada researchers have closely tracked developments in the Indo-Pacific. Here, we highlight some of the biggest news stories of the year for your review.