Close-up of Taiwan viewed from space

Poll: Taiwanese Public Opinion on Foreign Policy and National Security

Taiwan has emerged as a leader with its effective management of COVID-19. And following years of increasing isolation on the global stage, its status is soaring around the world as a result of its agile diplomacy. Now, due to increasing U.S.-China tensions and the protests and political unrest in Hong Kong, Taiwan is attracting considerable interest as an alternative market in the region for Western companies.

To understand public perspectives on current developments in Taiwan, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, in partnership with RIWI, has conducted a public opinion poll of 1,088 Taiwanese respondents. In our survey report, Taiwanese Public Opinion on Foreign Policy and National Security, we explore their responses to a number of timely issues, including the Hong Kong National Security Law and Taiwan’s national security, strategic position, foreign policies, and significant regional partners, including Taiwanese opinions on Canada.