Distinguished Fellowships

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada appoints a number of Distinguished Fellows to the roster of experts who are associated with the Foundation’s work. We typically select individuals who have made significant contributions to Canada-Asia relations in one of the following areas: scholarship, public policy, business, diplomacy, arts and culture, and civil society. In addition to recognizing the recipients’ accomplishments, Distinguished Fellowships also provide an opportunity for the Foundation to engage with experts on areas of special, mutual interest.

Distinguished Fellows set themselves apart through their research achievements and contributions to the community. Fellows are chosen by an in-house Selection Committee composed of a panel of experts, as well as members of APF Canada’s Board of Directors. Successful candidates are established members of the Canada-Asia practitioner community and possess knowledge and demonstrated work in the fields of Canada-Asia relations and policy. The term of the appointment is two years. During their fellowship term, Fellows will commit to a mutually agreed upon set of deliverables.

The Foundation may approach select Distinguished Fellows to ask for their assistance when shaping certain research projects. Small grants are made available for Distinguished Fellows to publish with the Foundation, or under its name.

In order for a candidate to be considered by the Selection Committee, those interested in applying must provide:

•    A letter explaining how you would contribute to the Foundation’s mission, for example: op-ed writing, peer-reviewed journal publications, issue-driven dispatches, in-house policy briefs, etc. (500 words maximum.)
•    A recent CV highlighting Asia Pacific experience and contributions.

*The Foundation reserves the right to cite the results of research funded under the grants program, and grant recipients may be called upon for media and outreach activities co-ordinated by the Foundation. Contact info@asiapacific.ca for more information our our Distinguished Fellows program.