Headshot of Shan Li

Shan Li

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Silk Road Financing Corporation (China)

Dr. Shan Li is Chairman and CEO of Silk Road Finance Corporation, Vice Chairman of Silk Road Planning Research Center, Chairman and CEO of ChinastoneCapital, and Executive President of the Institute for Governance Studies at Tsinghua University. He was Chief International Business Adviser of China Development Bank, Asia-Vice- Chairman of UBS investment bank, and CEO of Bank of China International Holdings. Prior to joining BOCI, Dr. Li was Managing Director and Head of China investment banking at Lehman Brothers, and Executive Director of investment banking and economic research at Goldman Sachs. He is also a co-founder of Soufun.com, a leading real estate portal listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr. Li holds a B.Eng. in management information systems from Tsinghua University, an MA in eco¬nomics from University of California at Davis and a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.