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Project Launch: 2020 National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on Asia

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is pleased to share this webinar recording from the launch of our 2020 National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on Asia.

Recorded during our 2020 NOP launch on November 25, 2020, this webinar recording provides a comprehensive overview of our survey results from Program Manager, Perspectives Asia, Dr. Sreyoshi Dey, and Post-Graduate Research Fellow, Hugo Roy, followed by a Q &A moderated by APF Canada Vice-President, Research, Dr. Jeffrey Reeves.

2020 has delivered significant challenges to the entire world, including Canada. In this year’s National Opinion Poll, APF Canada has captured Canadian opinions on timely and relevant issues in contemporary Canada-Asia relations, including:

  • Ottawa’s approach to foreign policy
  • Canada’s relationships with the United States and China
  • International trade and investment
  • Immigration
  • Anti-Asian racism
  • Powerhouse economies such as India, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan
  • Education and the media

It explores deteriorating Canadian opinions toward China and the U.S., which our polling indicates are at all-time lows, and how Canadians are feeling less connected to the Asia Pacific, even though the economic importance of Asian countries is well-received and understood.

Further, the poll tracks opinions on the positive impacts of immigration from Asia on the Canadian economy and the negative impacts of anti-Asian racism. It also reveals Canadian opinions toward China and the U.S., which our survey indicates are at all-time lows. Central to this year’s takeaways is Canada's need to stand up to China to protect key national values and bring our detained Canadians back home.

To learn more about the project, or how APF Canada can leverage its customizable polling for your government and business intelligence needs, please contact Program Manager Lauren Chang.