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Stéphanie Martel

Assistant Professor, Political Studies, Queen’s University

Dr. Stéphanie Martel is an Assistant Professor of Political Studies at Queen’s University and a Fellow (and Member of the Board) at the Centre for International and Defence Policy. Her research at the intersection of international security and global governance focuses on multilateral diplomacy, security regionalism, and the role of discourse in the social construction of world politics, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific.

Dr. Martel serves as a Canadian representative to the ASEAN Regional Forum’s Experts and Eminent Persons Group and is Team Co-Lead (Asia Pacific) within the Defence and Security Foresight Group. She also serves on the Board of the Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies, is a member of the Network for Strategic Analysis and Women in International Security (WIIS) Canada, and is a Distinguished Fellow with the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

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