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Asia Pacific Conversations: The Global Growth and Canadian Opportunity in Plant-based Proteins

In this special episode of Asia Pacific Conversations, APF Canada’s Trade and Investment Program Manager Anastasia Ufimtseva chats with Dr. Gaurav Sharma, co-founder of Shandi Global, a Singapore-based company with Canadian connections. Shandi creates sustainable, affordable, nutritious meat alternatives – or plant-based proteins – with the potential of benefitting millions worldwide.

Dr. Sharma – a speaker at the Agri-food conference that was part of APF Canada’s Canada-in-Asia Conferences in Singapore in February – discusses the importance of food security in plant-based proteins, Canada’s connection as a ‘food basket’ brimming with the peas used in Shandi’s plant-based proteins, and the growing Asia business opportunities for other firms and entrepreneurs in this agri-food sector.